Class Action Lawsuit Against Mugshot Websites

According to this site, the principals of are listed on

23623 N Scottsdale Rd #D3-218
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

877-657-0555 Their ATA “Awards” business
480-967-6555 Their ATA “Awards” business
480-967-6777 Their ATA “Awards” business

LAST KNOWN HOME ADDRESS FOR BRENT AND SARAH: 5601 Caballo Dr. Paradise Valley, Az 85253 (lost due to tax liens) who would’ve guessed?
PHONE: 480-292-9941 (They never answer and is also used as a fax line)

Brent and Sarah also own which surprizingly enough has more scam and fraud complaints than Bernie Madoff himself. Hard to believe these two have their greedy filthy hands in so many undisirable businesses and schemes but it seems they do nothing else but think of new ways to scam others.

Brent’s convictions pertaining to fraud involved Pan Am airlines. Makes you think about a new travel business called “ATA”. I’m sure if it’s not a scam now it will be, it seems everything these people touch turns into a scam or fraud.

Welcome to OFFENDEXTORTION! If you have navigated or been invited here you are probably one of the many that has found themselves, a loved one or a friend wrongfully placed on OFFENDEX’S so called “Private Database” with information that is either wrong or flat out defaming lies. Rest assured you are not alone. This is a site where those of us who have been attacked by these cowardly sloths can gather, share information and in general be of great help to one another.

While OFFENDEX is not the only rouge site that is up to these greedy, self-absorbed and illegal practices of using state and federal information for profit, extortion and harassment. They are in our eyes, the worst. You will find here contact information such as phone numbers and home/business addresses that OFFENDEX tries very hard to keep from public eyes. You will also find here information and support avenues to help you in your fight.

OFFENDEX not only uses outdated registered sex offender data, they also will use information they gather of sex offender’s families and friends to extort money from basically anyone they can. There are cases where the “offender” has passed away but OFFENDEX still keeps inaccurate information made public. After the family members have contacted OFFENDEX to remove that information they have themselves, and in some cases, their children’s names and addresses have been added to the deceased “offender’s” profile. You don’t have to be a sex offender or even an adult to be a victim of OFFENDEX!

OFFENDEX is now posting pictures of children as young as three years old and also any other family members photos they can obtain of so called “offenders” for harassment and extortion purposes. They feel untochable and free to post anything they want if it’s true or not or if it involves innocent family members and children.

OFFENDEX claims to have the most accurate sex offender data base but there is no more accurate information than your state sex offender data base. All in all OFFENDEX has the most inaccurate, altered and manipulated data base on the web. Why anyone would pay for this kind of information is beyond me.

Please feel welcome here and feel free to post on the forums. We have a wealth of information on OFFENDEX and legal actions are being taken against them. If you have any questions just ask in the proper forum and we will try to answer as fast as possible.

I encourage anyone having issues with Offendex to file a complaint with IC3 at the Arizona State Attorney General’s Office at
And the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-382-4357

Address lookup
canonical name
Domain Whois record

Queried with “dom”…

No match for domain “OFFENDEXEXTORTION.CO.CC”.

Last update of whois database: 2012-11-05T09:33:24Z
Network Whois record

Queried with “n ! NET-209-51-196-240-1″…

NetRange: –
NetName: XLHOST-13947-2
NetHandle: NET-209-51-196-240-1
Parent: NET-209-51-192-0-1
NetType: Reassigned
Comment: abuse contact:
RegDate: 2008-02-27
Updated: 2008-02-27

CustName: Inc
Address: 3000 E. Dublin-Granville RD
Address: Suite 4
City: Columbus
StateProv: OH
PostalCode: 43231
Country: US
RegDate: 2008-02-27
Updated: 2011-03-19

OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE861-ARIN
OrgAbuseName: Abuse Desk
OrgAbusePhone: +1-614-508-6450

OrgTechHandle: HOSTM634-ARIN
OrgTechName: Hostmaster
OrgTechPhone: +1-614-508-6450

OrgNOCName: Hostmaster
OrgNOCPhone: +1-614-508-6450

RTechHandle: ZN55-ARIN
RTechName: eNET Inc
RTechPhone: +1-614-794-5971
DNS records

name class type data time to live IN SOA
serial: 2006112402
refresh: 28800
retry: 7200
expire: 604800
minimum ttl: 86400
86400s (1.00:00:00) IN NS 86400s (1.00:00:00) IN NS 86400s (1.00:00:00) IN NS 86400s (1.00:00:00) IN NS 86400s (1.00:00:00) IN NS 86400s (1.00:00:00) IN A 86400s (1.00:00:00) IN PTR 86400s (1.00:00:00) IN SOA
serial: 2008062901
refresh: 300
retry: 300
expire: 86400
minimum ttl: 300
300s (00:05:00) IN RRSIG
type covered: NSEC (47)
algorithm: RSA/SHA-1 (5)
labels: 5
original ttl: 10800 (03:00:00)
signature expiration: 2012-11-15 01:02:32Z
signature inception: 2012-11-05 01:02:32Z
key tag: 34562
signer’s name:
(1024 bits)
10800s (03:00:00) IN NSEC
next domain name:
record types: NS RRSIG NSEC
10800s (03:00:00) IN NS 86400s (1.00:00:00) IN NS 86400s (1.00:00:00)
— end —

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